Every Screenshot from The Last of Us Part 1 Revealed So Far

In the wake of being perhaps of the most awful kept secret in gaming, The Last of Us Part 1’s delivery is almost here. When September 2 rolls around, PS5 proprietors will approach the exemplary dystopian thrill ride in its most recent manifestation.

Regardless of the way that September is drawing nearer, Naughty Dog is as yet holding its assets away from plain view. Until this point, just a single authority realistic trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 has raised a ruckus around town. Despite the fact that the studio’s down has gone dim after its Summer Game Fest debut, fans have had the option to pour over a lot of screens captures from the game.

Ellie’s Updated Look


Notwithstanding the game’s declaration trailer, which reproduces a portion of the showcasing recordings that advanced the first PS3 game, Naughty Dog delivered a few screens captures. It will come as little shock that Ashley Johnson’s Ellie is the star of a large portion of these photos. The first, which includes the youthful hero holding a manual action hunting rifle, does an especially great job of flaunting graphical moves up to the game’s notorious cutscenes.

Horse-Back Riding


In most dystopian stories, when society has imploded, individuals search for various methods of transportation. For a ton of would-be survivors, ponies turn out to be the most dependable choice for gas and electric-based vehicles. It’s a little shock then that The Last of Us has inclined toward this thought, as proven by one screen capture for the impending PS5 change. What’s striking above all the other things in this image is the lighting overhauls that Naughty Dog has obviously made to the game.

Crossing Boston


At the point when The Last of Us Part 1 is send-offs on PS5, it will be the third time that Naughty Dog’s earth-shattering experience has been delivered on a PlayStation console. Despite the fact that fans have completely taken apart the game on PS3 and PS4, one of the screens captures for the impending game shows its ability to astound. The scene where Ellie, Joel, and Tess are going between two high rises looks as graphically noteworthy as a portion of the pristine games that have been delivered on Sony’s most recent control center.

Ellie’s Facial Capture


Despite the fact that movement catch innovation has become one of the AAA gaming industry norms, Naughty Dog was quite possibly the earliest studio to embrace it effectively. It’s consequently the early Uncharted games unique The Last of Us actually look great. It’s obvious from Ellie’s refreshed face model in the impending redo that the studio hasn’t stopped according to a specialized point of view. Devious Dog has had the option to take the recording caught for the PS3 rendition and update it with the goal that the characters seem to be their certifiable entertainers.

Ellie and Joel Together


One of Naughty Dog’s accounted objectives, when it came to The Last of Us Part 1, was to make a modernized encounter that bound together the series. While it is not yet clear how the refreshed game plays, according to a visual viewpoint Part 1 seems to be comparable to 2020s The Last of Us 2.

Vehicle Sharing

On account of a large part of the special material being screen captures, most perceptions that can be made about the game will be revolved around its visual constancy. Pictures like one where Ellie and Joel are sitting in a vehicle together demonstrate there’s a ton to break down in this office. Past appearance off how to photograph practical the game presently looks, this screen capture works effectively in displaying the profundity of field upgrades Naughty Dog has made to the experience.

Ellie the Hunter


Despite the fact that Aloy has turned into the perfect example for PlayStation heroes with a bow, Ellie is a capable toxophilite too. What’s apparently more great about this specific screen capture for The Last of Us Part 1 is the scrupulousness. Past seeming to be a reasonable generational improvement from the game’s PS4 remaster, the image works effectively of flaunting how practical snow will act in the revamp as it falls on Ellie’s garments.

Ellie and Riley


During the limited-time crusade for The Last of Us Part 1, Naughty Dog has pushed how the PS5 change is the authoritative adaptation of its story. There’s little amazement that the brilliant “Abandoned” DLC will be incorporated inside the experience. While it is not yet clear assuming the extension will be integrated into the single-player story straightforwardly, players can anticipate encountering Ellie and Riley’s relationship once more.

Part 1’s Environments

Past its narrating ability, Naughty Dog has gained notoriety for establishing exceptionally nitty gritty conditions. A portion of the studio’s work in Uncharted 4 is as yet held up as the most reasonable and lived-in areas in gaming. It won’t come as a shock to players that The Last of Us Part 1 will incorporate some similarly great ecological plans, as shown by the frail shopping center that Ellie and Riley visit during the Left Behind development.

Ellie and David

Taking into account how darling The Last of Us series has turned into, it’s justifiable that Naughty Dog has been hesitant to meddle with the request for Part 1’s story. Indeed, even a portion of the first game’s most awkward and testing segments, like those that include Nolan North’s David, is affirmed to be available.

Joel’s New Look

For the remainder of Part 1’s true screen captures, Naughty Dog features the enhancements to Joel’s personality model. After adjusting the hero’s age to his appearance in The Last of Us 2, the refreshed model likewise looks similar to his certifiable entertainer Troy Baker. While fans have scrutinized the studio’s choice to progress in years up a couple of characters, a convincing case can be made for this adding additional trustworthiness.

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