OneOp Trade App Review online Trading Platform | How to earn money from OneOp Trade App in 2022

OneOp Trade App

OneOp Trade App Review is a very popular trading application available on the internet. as we all know that today’s time every person wants to earn money and due to this you will have noticed that there are many money-earning applications available on the internet. People not only do get their identity on the internet, but they also earn a lot of money. By the way, the process or way of earning money online in today’s time is a little easier than earning money offline. because the competition offline is much more than online.

That is why today I am going to tell you about such an application, which is very popular recently for earning money. anyone who wants to earn money can simply earn money through this trading application. although you should have some detailed knowledge about the OneOp Trade application to earn money. that will tell detailed in a further post.

OneOp Trade App  about some information 

OneOp Trade App is a very popular online trending app through which anyone can earn money by trading by using this app. Mainly this app is used to earn money. You have to invest money in this. After that, you get two options in it.

And then you have to choose one of those two options after guessing according to your own. If you choose the correct option out of the given option. then you get almost twice the money you have invested. and if the option is wrong then you do not get a single rupee.

That is why if you are using this app for the first time, then you should invest money in it with the right information. although you also lose money in this app. So you do not understand at all that this app is not of our use. You just have to get a good knowledge of this app.

And then you have to invest money in OneOp Trade App. keep in mind that you should get complete information about Online Trade. If you do not know about online trade, then you can get information from youtube or google.

How to earn money with this app?

If you want to earn money from OneOp Trade App then first you have to download this app. After this, you will have to make a demo and real two accounts in this app. You get a demo account from this app, in which you get ten thousand rupees which are not real, this money is given to you just to learn how to trade.

anyone who wants to make real money has to trade in this app. For which they have to create your real account. you have to click on Real Account above to create your own real account. After this, you get two options to create an account.

First Email Id and second Facebook you can create an account by using anyone out of them. After that, you have to invest money in it. and then you have to guess whether the moving graph will go up or down. if you think that the graph will go down, then you have to click on the red color button that is Put.

and if you think that the graph will go down then you click on the green button that is Call. If your guess is correct, that means choosing the right option. So you get almost double the money you put in.

How to make an Account on OneOp Trade App

To make an account on OneOp Trade App follow the steps we provided below.

Step 1:- first of all open the OneOp Trade App.

Step 2:- Now click on the theme option which provided to you in the below section.

Step 3:-  now you have to click on the sign option.

Step 4:- now you have to click on Facebook or email option to make your account.

Step 5:- if you make your account through Facebook will be easy to create you.

Step 6:- you may also create or make your account by using your email id and password. just you have to fill asked details.

OneOp Trade App Fake or Real  

As we all know that only legal and verified app is available in the google play store. So this gives us an idea that OneOp Trade App is not illegal. The Indian government also does not oppose this type of app, perhaps the only reason for this is that the trading app is not complete gambling.

In this way, you have to predict like gambling, but if you have knowledge of trading, then you can really earn a lot of money from it. just simply you have invested your money in this app and apart from this, you should have some basic knowledge about this app so that you could trade on this app to earn money.

How to withdraw money from this app? 

To withdraw the money won from this app, you should have at least 300 rupees in your guru trade 7 accounts. You can easily withdraw the won money through Paytm or UPI. But your account should not be less than Rs.300.

remember this point in your mind that you can withdraw money only 5 times a day from this app. This app does not allow you to withdraw more than 5 times in a day. And the money withdrawn from it very soon comes into the account through Paytm or UPI.

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